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6 Benefits of Learning How to Play the Piano


If you’ve always wanted to learn to play the piano, you should perhaps start considering doing so. If you have kids, even better, have them learn how to play! Learning how to play any musical instrument holds many benefits and stimulates many areas of the brain.

In this post we discuss six important health benefits of playing the piano. All of these apply to both young and old. Let’s dig in!

1. Great for Strengthening Hand Muscles

Playing the piano skillfully requires discipline and the correct posture. Having great posture in itself has many health benefits. But, most importantly, your arm and hand muscles will become strong. By playing the piano, you’ll learn to correctly hold and position your arms and hands, while strengthening them.

2. Playing Piano is a Stress Reliever

It’s no secret that listening to the piano is calming and soothing. Just imagine the effect it has on your emotional wellbeing. It’s been noted that playing the piano even for a couple of minutes a day will lower your blood pressure, and relieve any stress. It’s also known to boost self-confidence.

3. Growth Hormones are Stimulated

Children who learn to play the piano at an early age will have an altered growth in human growth hormones. This in turn leads to less pain and discomfort in old age, and ultimately strengthens the body. Growth hormones are also responsible for energy levels, and can ensure your child can enjoy a long and happy life.

4. Your Language Skills Will Improve

Because the piano stimulates aural awareness, it also improves language skills. In turn, it makes it easier for those who play it to understand different sound patterns in different languages. Children who have dyslexia also benefit by curbing the development thereof at an early stage.

5. Increases Split Concentration

While practicing the piano, you will find that you have to be able to perform multiple tasks fully. You’ll have to be able to use both hands for different notes while reading the sheet music in front of you. This action stimulates and develops split concentration, concentration and of course hand-eye coordination.

6. Improves Neural Connections

Learning how to play any musical instrument will stimulate your brain. When learning to play the piano, you will be helping the brain develop new neural connections and add higher tiers of connectivity. This in itself has plenty of benefits including improvement of concentration, achievement and everyday activities.

As you can see, exposure to piano lessons have loads of benefits on a physical and a mental level for anyone who learns how to play. Young children will also be able to appreciate constructive criticism later in life. If you are still not sure whether or not buying a piano or just going for some lessons is a good idea, think about how you and your family will benefit!

Apart from all the health benefits, what’s more beautiful than the sound of a piano being played skillfully?

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