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4 Tried and Trusted Steps to Move Your Piano Successfully


Moving into a new house can be exciting yet tiring. The entire moving process can be very stressful, especially if you have to do it yourself. There’s the packing and itemizing, heavy-lifting and of course unloading and unpacking.

Of course, it is very exciting to see all your furniture fill up the new space and selecting the perfect spot for your piano. But, it’s not as simple as dreaming about where you are going to put each piece of furniture. With these four tips you’ll be able to make sure your piano reaches the new home in perfect condition.

#1 Know Everything About Your Piano

Firstly, you have to be aware that the model or size of your piano will play a crucial role in the entire moving process. Keep in mind that every dimension should be written down and that you should be fully aware of the weight of the piano. Moving any piano, big or small, requires some extra hands! Even the tiny Spinet piano will take a couple of people to lift and carry.

#2 Map Out Your Route

You need to have a clear idea of the exact route your piano move is going to take. Ensure that the dimensions of the piano will fit through all the doors it needs to go through. It is always best to load the piano before any other furniture pieces, and last at the destination. Discuss the move route with everyone involved and ensure that there’s enough hands to lift and carry the piano safely.

#3 Prepping the Piano Beforehand

Depending on the model and size of your piano, you may require the help of a dolly. Firstly, you need to ensure that the piano hood is locked securely. Secondly, you’ll need some thick or special moving blankets to cover your piano with. The blankets are taped to ensure the piano is not damaged during any stage of the move. Next, you’ll either tilt and lift the piano onto a dolly, or carry it to the truck.

#4 Moving Day Specifics

The trick with moving pianos is to ensure that the weight carried is spread evenly. There should always be a couple of hands to ensure a safe and efficient move. You’ll find that the piano is heavy, and regular pauses or breaks to adjust grip will be necessary. Slowly lift and move the piano into the truck. Once at the destination, repeat the process and place the piano in the designated area.

Even though it is possible to move your piano, we’d suggest you make use of professional piano movers. A team of professional piano movers have the experience and expertise to ensure your piano reaches your new home in one piece. Contact Adirondack Piano Services today for your piano move!